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Accepting Commissions to Help with Final Vet Bills




So… tonight, at 12am after a panic trip to the all night emergency vet, Sasquatch (the kitten formerly known as Peregrine) passed away. 

The prognosis from the vet came down to the fact I could spend two thousand dollars and she still very likely wouldn’t make it, so I made the decision to let her go.

Even so, I am now out about $250 that I simply don’t have.

I’m opening up commissions to help pay for her final costs.

Rough guidelines would be…
    Bust sketch: $10 -

Rendered bust: $20-$30-


    Full body - really varies by what, who, armored or not, etc. Anywhere from $35 to $100 depending on how crazy you want and backgrounds and such.


    I will also do other stuff like designwork, tattoos, I’ll draw your cat, whatever. Just… no porn. My porn sucks. You don’t want it.



Contact me by ask and we can work out the details. The only issue is I can’t take paypal, so it’s checks/MOs or well-concealed flat green stuff.

Thanks for reading…scarletdisciple:

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